Outdoor Life Landscape Group, Inc. (OLG) adds value to the superior service we deliver by customizing a horticulture program based on the expectations of each client and the logistical requirements of each property. We realize the true value of our service is realized most when we not only make our clients’ landscapes look great, but equally important, improve their quality of life.

· Investment Analytical Tool Implementation

· Cost/Benefit Analysis

· Short and long Term Budget Planning


Consultation Services

Landscape Management

· Line

· Form

· Color

· Texture

· Scale

Landscape Design/Installation

· Installation

· Floriculture Management

· Mulching

Floriculture Design/Installation

“There is no better equipped and trained grounds management team than the one you’ll find at OLG. We create solutions.”

Kevin Allen, President—Outdoor Life Landscape Group, Inc.

Improving the Quality of Life for Those We Serve.

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